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    Chart loading problem




      We are facing some difficulties while loading the flex component in the internet explorer browser.


      Please allow me to explain you the details.


      We have a pretty heavy page developed in asp.Net and consisting mainly of grid of large quantity of data.


      Now in addition to this we need to have 3 flex containers on the same page (each container is displaying 9 charts). Now the problem is that the flex chart loads after the rest of the page is loaded. If the initial stage takes some time while loading, then the flex chart does not display properly meaning that the tool tip is not shown on hover and some of the legend items are also not show. Please note that we are using legend item to show the legends each legend item show a different shape (e.g. circle, box, triangle)


      Is there is any way to show the flex only after the entire chart is loaded including the tool tip and Legends.

      Any help in resolving this issue will be highly appreciated.