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    Overprinting on a linked document


      I have an Illustrator CS4 .ai document which contains some elements with overprinting.  When I "place" this file inside a second Illustrator document, all the overprinting information is lost. I'm aware that I could keep the overprinting by embedding the placed file, but unfortunately this isn't an option in this case as the file is too large and complicated.


      So, is there any way to keep the overprinting information in a linked (ie. non-embedded) file?

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          John Danek Level 4

          I'm not sure why you'd "Place" the original .ai file.  I would open the original, copy it and paste it into the new Illustrator file.  In the "Print" dialog, select Document Setup > Transparency and select "Preserve Overprints...".

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            PrepressPro1 Adobe Community Professional

            When you say "all the overprinting information is lost…" is this only on screen? Have you tried turning on and off overprint preview? I'm not sure I understand your workflow. If I had an Illustrator file I needed to keep separate and place into another Illustrator file I think I would save the file as a PDF with Preserve Illustrator editing capability checked. Then place that file into the other illustrator file.



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              TikTakToe70 Level 1

              I need it as a separate file because it's large and very complicated, and needs to be re-used in several different documents. Copying and pasting (or embedding) isn't possible because the resulting files are too large for Illustrator to handle (and it would be impractical in any case because it needs to be edited frequently and it would be too difficult to keep all the embedded copies up-to-date).

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                TikTakToe70 Level 1

                It's not a problem with overprint previewing - that's definitely switched on. Illustrator's eyedropper seems to be very flakey when checking the colours and overprint status of "placed" images, so I was saving and double-checking the results in Acrobat. Linked .ai files definitely lose their overprinting, whereas embedded .ai files keep them.


                However, I tried saving the first file as a pdf as you suggested, and I've discovered that linked pdf files do keep their overprints. Problem solved. Thanks!


                (PS. I am the only one who's just a little tired of working round Illustrator's million odd bugs? For such an expensive piece of software, the quality control is appalling.)

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                  PrepressPro1 Adobe Community Professional

                  I'm glad the PDF format will work for you. I agree with your frustration when it comes to Adobe being responsive to fix bugs. Not sure this was "BUG". But we here on this forum are not working for Adobe. I'm just a small Parrot who likes to help people with Illustrator… Oh sorry, I didn't mean to offend any other parrots out there. I meant to say I'm an Avian American. AAWK