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    Debug and Run buttons on Flexbuilder IDE don't work

    Wayne_1977 Level 1
      Hi folks,

      Until I added a second flex project to my workspace, I could click on the Debug button and happily debug away. Now I can't. Clicking on Debug or Run does nothing. Selecting them from dropdown menus also does nothing. I've been over and over the project settings, the .flexProperties and .actionscriptProperties files, and don't see anything to change. I've examined the project properties and see nothing unusual there. Also, the tiny dropdown button-lettes beside the Run and Debug buttons do nothing.

      Admittedly I'm a little confused by how eclipse handles run and debug configurations. I went down the Run | External Tools path and set up a debug configuration, but my problems remain the same.

      Please help - I don't want to debug yet another project using "Alert.show()" !!