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    Problem with <mx:Text>



      I am using the following Text property in my application




      width="100%" fontSize="13" text="The company has inhouse experts in structural engineering, foundation technology,

      construction technology, architecture and IT. In addition, the company has an in-house team for Quality Control led by its Managing Director.

      In view of the growing market for real estate in Andhra Pradesh, the company by end of year 2007 plans to grow to about 100 employees strong.



      it's looking good in web page with multiple lines actually i also need  this one

      but when I select the total text with mouse and moving the mouse from left to right and right to left some time the text is disappearing i.e. number of lines are adjusting based on the viewing content


      when observing in the flex docs examples also it's like this how to overcome this situation

      help me.............