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    Howto: Dynamically generate flv/f4v vid from bitmapData series?


      Hey guys,


      I've been playing around now for a pretty long time to get my animations run as performant as it only is possible, unfortunately it still is not performant enough to run on low end system like netbooks - though it is required to run on those systems...


      So I thought I just could create an flv/f4v video which then will be downloaded by the clients and be played instead of let those clients render the animations by itself. So, as the animation itself will change about once-twice a day i need a script that will prerender the animation and generate that flv/f4v... but how? So I am looking for a solution I can run on my webserver - be it linux or windows, i dont mind - to which I can pass a series of BitmapDatas which will then generate (hopefully a compressed) flv video out of that "keyframes"... best would be if it even was possible to tell that solution which keyframe to be placed at what timestamp...


      Thank you guys, very much!



      Best regards.