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    Synchronize with 2 Remote Sites

    Chris Molland Level 1

      Hello, and thanks for taking a look at this question.


      We are a small team developing a website and I would like a little advise as to how I maintain synchronisation between our local development server and our remote publishing server.


      There are 3 designers who check in/out files from our development server on the local network to their Macs. My Mac has a site defined to maintain synchronisation between my 'Local' site on my Mac and the 'Remote' site on the local network.


      Now I want to upload the new files to the external publishing server. I have created a new Dreamweaver Site and set the 'Local' site to my local website folder. However when I set the 'Remote' location I get a warning that this could upset the synchronisation. I guess Dreamweaver only maintains 1 set of synchronisation data.


      Should I re-configure my publishing Site so that the 'Local' location is the folder on our development server?


      Many thanks.