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    Please Fix This Bug - Mac Version CS4

    tallscot Level 1

      Mac OS 10.6.3 (bug has been around a while)

      Mac Pro

      Flash CS4


      Open up Flash using the Designer workspace (it can be any workspace, though).

      Now select Import so the OS X file dialog appears. Drag the dialog to be longer vertically so you can see more files listed. Select Cancel.

      Now drag the divider between the timeline and the stage down to be bigger vertically so you can see more Layers in the timeline.


      Now select Import and watch the file dialog spawn from the top of the stage, move down, hit the bottom of the screen, and shift your entire workspace. This is a bug. It shouldn't do this. Try fixing this weird anomaly at the top of your screen where it's a gap in the interface and you can't see the top part of the workspace.


      How long has Flash been out and this bug still exists?


      Steve Jobs was right. Adobe is lazy, though Apple's own Final Cut Studio has its share of ignored bugs, so he has no room to talk.


      I suppose I'm going to have to buy CS5 to get a bug fix...or it will carry over. I remember when Macromedia was around creating competition. The consumer benefited from that competition.