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    Small video embedded in another one?




      I am making a documentary and I want to insert the video of the narrator in one of the corners of the video he's commenting... Is this possible with Adobe Premiere Elements 8 ?


      Many thanks in advance for your answers.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Yes. What you are talking about is PiP (Picture in Picture). PrE 8 offers several standard Presets to do this, plus one can also do custom PiP, as well. I'd check out the PiP Presets, as one might be exactly what you are looking to do. If not, then one can easily Keyframe the fixed Effects, Motion>Scale and Motion>Position, and perhaps add the Effect>Crop, if necessary.


          There are even more ways to do this, but let's see if something already done in the P:resets is not right for you.


          The mechanics are to place the main video on Video Track 1, with the Narrator on Video Track 2. Then apply the PiP Effect Preset to the Video on Video Track 2.


          Good luck,



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            Alexandre74200 Level 1

            Hello Bill,


            I actually done that already, without thinking I could do it with a video... See that vid of 1m trouts spawning in a river last winter, I added a logo in the top right corner. That's what you were talking about I guess ?




            I'll keep the post informed about my progress.


            Thanks again and happy easter.



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              Alexandre74200 Level 1

              Is that the feature you would use to make a video like the Dallas Theme ?





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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                It is exactly the same as adding a logo, a still, or even a Title over your background video. The only exception is that you are adding another Video Clip.


                I do not know all of the PiP Presets in PrE 8, but you should have quite a few "standard" ones to choose from. Remember, if one does not find one that is pre-made, they can do it manually.


                Because I use PrPro most often, and it does not have any pre-made PiP Presets, I do all of mine manually. This also offers me much more control. I can animate the PiP fading in, or growing in, playing and then exiting, however I wish. More hand-work, for sure, but with ultimate control.


                Here is a look at PiP, plus a Lower-Third Title and even an Effect block to make the Lower-Third stand out better:


                I did my PiP with the fixed Effects>Motion>Scale, Motion>Position and then the Effect>Crop to limit the size of my PiP (the lady in the upper-right).


                Hope that this helps, and good luck




                PS - Steve Grisetti, our tireless MOD and world-class author-in-residence has a Learning Series, that is not to be missed. See this FAQ Entry.