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    problem installing adobe reader 9


      I am unable to to install adobe reader 9.  we have adobe reader 9 on our desktop but when i click on it it just comes up as a black screen.


      Could use some help!!  Thanks

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          370H55V Level 4

          Usually an app opening up in a black screen is the result of incorrect display settings for the application.


          Right click the desktop and choose Properties(XP) or Customize (Vista-7)


          Go to Settings and if your display is set to 32 bit, try changing it to 16 bit, or vice-versa.


          I have screen capture software that won't function in 32 bit mode and I have to switch to 16 to take screen shots, then switch back to 32 when I'm done.


          It does the same thing. Black screen as soon as I launch it. Have to hit Alt+4 to quit it and make the adjustment.