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    Stratus Buddylist


      Hi Adobe Stratus developers / community!


      I would first like to say thanks Adobe for making such a cool product and then opening it to us for testing! What a neat thing!


      I just got the VideoPhoneLabs application to work on my server with a MySQL database / PHP modified reg.php file. I am new to flash so this was a bit of a challenge, but not too bad with all of the support here on the forums. I am now trying to take the VideoPhoneLabs program a step further to incorporate a buddylist function. I was wondering how to tackle such a problem.


      I think I could access the MySQL database using Flash to see who is currently logged in by looking inside of the 'registrations' table at the 'identity' column to see who is currently assigned an identity (as I have the value changing to '0' after the user has logged out). Since I am so new to flash / this new RMTP technology, I am not sure how to do pull this query of the database off inside of the flash program (or more probably the reg.php file) and then return the results to the user in real time inside of the flash program.


      Any input would be appreciated.


      Thanks again and sorry if this is a little bit of a novice problem!