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    Export from Captivate 4 to CS4, stop command not working


      Very simple issue, but frustrating!


      I have a series of screen captures done in Captivate showing a user how to operate a piece of software.


      When Previewing the Project, the file gets to the end and stops as I have the Stop Project option selected.


      I have to export to a FLA file (CS4) and add a "stop" to the first frame (required for the way we play the swfs back in an AS3 Template) and then export as a SWF.


      Under Project End Options I select "Stop Project". I export to CS4, making sure the "End Options (stop or loop project, goto URL)" check box is checked under Project Elements. This is held within the Captivate Options box that appears once Captivate has openned Flash.


      When I then go into the timelines etc in the Captivate generated FLA, there is indeed a stop(); command on the last frame. If I publish or Test Movie, the swf loops! Grrrrr


      If I place the file into our AS3 template/player, the file loops! Double grrrrrr


      I also get 100 Compiler Errors generated as Captivate converts to Flash!!!!! Reading through the Adobe forums it appears that if AS3 gets a compiler error, it ignores any script after this?


      Would this be my issue and if so, why does Captivate generate so many errors on a very simple software demo session?


      Any help would be appreciated.