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    Curious DragSource Behavior

    emansouri Level 1



      I have an implementation that enables multiple items from a Spark List as well as a Halo Advanced Data Grid to be dragged and dropped to a particular target.


      The AdvancedDataGrid packages dragged items into a format named "treeDataGridItems", and the Spark List, "itemsByIndex".


      What is curious is when I go to inspect the items following a drag and drop operation, I have to cast the Array in two different ways.


      For the dragged items from the ADG:


      var array:Array = event.dragSource.dataForFormat("treeDataGridItems") as Array;


      For the dragged items from the Spark List:


      var array:Array = new Array(event.dragSource.dataForFormat("itemsByIndex"));


      Is there any explanation for this?