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    Having trouble loading the font window on a right click

    TheMarkness Level 1

      In my home copy of Illustrator, when I want to switch fonts quickly I just right click my text artwork and a popup menu of fonts shows up when I hover my pointer over the word "Fonts >", I have roughly 300,000 fonts in my home computer.


      At my work computer, I have less, but I can't get the same window to load, causing me to go through the painstaking process of either choosing fonts one by one on the drop down menu at the top, OR copy/pasting the text into Word and going to the format>fonts dialog window and choosing a font there, as I can see the fonts change in real time.


      How do I fix this?  I'm not sure what's different about the two computers other than the processor, video card, and ram.  Are those truly a factor in illustrator's ability to show that font menu?