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    Pagemaker 7 trial does not work


      I'm still using PageMaker 6.5 because it's simple and a great typesetting program. Wanted to try the trial PageMaker 7 from the Adobe website. After installing I get this message: Failed to initialize Vbox!(0002-0073-0066). I have Windows 7 and version 6.5 works perfectly. Downloaded the trial in Explorer. Does the trial version work? Can I upgrade to PageMaker 7?

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          Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

          First, PageMaker has been a dead program for many yea

          rs now, and it's not supported in the latest operating systems; certainly not i

          n Windows 7. Second,

          version 7 is not a real upgrade from 6.5.2, so there is really no need to make the change.


          In short, if you have 6.5 working under Windows 7, touch wood, don't change anything, and don't push your luck too far. It would be tragical to find in the middle of an importantt job that it stopped working. If I were you, I would use my valid PageMaker license to upgrade at a much reduced price to InDesign while the offer lasts. Which may well be only until the already announced appearance of CS5.


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            BigJohnD Level 3

            jbink2 wrote:


            I have Windows 7

            Download the trial of InDesign, and forget PM.