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    Getting buttons to work



      I'm just learning Flash at a local college and my instruction is not being very helpful, so i'm hoping someone can help me. I need to insert a "start" button that will start the movie. I have the button on a layer called "startButton". I inserted another layer and called it "stopMovie" - this is where I add a keyframe on the 1st from and the last frame and then add a actionscript to stopmovie on both frames.


      The problem I'm having is when I select the 1st frame of the layer where the button is localed, I go to the actionscript window/global fuction/timeline and then I want to select "play" but the system has it grayed out so I can't select it. My only option is "goto". But that doesn't work. All I want the funtion to do is start playing when I click on the start button.


      When I asked my instruction for help, he was not very helpful. I would have attached the file to this post, but that is not an option. I'm hoping you can help.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You should put your instructor to work for you.  If you do not understand something, get the help your instructor is being paid to provide--having someone to stand next to you and guide you is far better than posting here and trying to explain what you are trying to do.