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    NetworkClass using Flex Builder

      can some one point me in the right direction?
      I wont to track game scores from players in a network, each network called the "BigHouse1 and so on" each will have rooms and in each rooms will be different games,there can be many players of the same game. In each game will have different groups of players with scores I need to track. Each group will have a group score and all in that group will stay syncronized. I would like each player to be able to drop out of there game and view the whole room of players to see there scores, and then resume there game without loosing there data. I will need to add server side data control using somthing like SQL or PHP stuff.
      What is the best way to stay modular and reusable? using Class packages how do I communicate in real time?
      Does this sound good for engredients hiarchi to make Class called "myNetWorkClass", "bigHouseClass", "myRoomClass", "myGamesClass", "game1Class", "game1MethodesClass","Game2Class", "game2MethodesClass"?
      to communicate to a Class I use "import nameofClass" and to receive data and send data that is done using the URLrequest and URLSend properties.... am I headded in the right direction??

      Thanks in advance