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    SharePoint Web Service Lists.asmx (GetListItems method) question

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      I a beginner with Flash Builder 4, but am not completely new to Flex, although I would consider myself more of a designer than a developer or a programmer.  I have used the Web Service wizard in Flash Builder 4 to connect to a SharePoint webservice.  I am able to test and get a response from a couple of the methods (GetList and GetListCollection), but have not been able to get the "Test Service" to work properly and have not been successful in getting a result from the "GetListItems" method.  I have searched the web quite alot, and found a thread here to use a starting point.


      The function I am using to call the sharepoint list service has these variables:





      listName:String = "DDDBE110-39EC-49B2-8B6C-00FEE1B0D1E6";


      var viewName:String = "A08E9C33-0BFC-4BAD-BEA0-2AA41B5C1F9A";


      var query:XML = <Query><OrderBy><FieldRef Name='Title'/></OrderBy></Query>;


      var viewFields:XML = <ViewFields><FieldRef Name='Title'/></ViewFields>;


      var rowLimit:String = '10';


      var queryOptions:XML = <QueryOptions></QueryOptions>;


      var webID:String = "";


      I am having a difficult time trying to find out if this is the correct way to declare them to ensure a successful web service result.  My end goal is to be able to call up items from a sharepoint list in a datagrid, potentially edit them, and then update them in the list.  I had hoped to do this by using GetListItems and UpdateListItems.  If I can't get this to work, is using the Query webservice (DspSts.asmx) to get the list items and then UpdateListItems to update them an option?  I have also tried to test the DspSts.asmx webservice, but I have a similar problem - either my test variable are incorrect, or i am missing something (perhaps SOAP headers?)


      Any help would be appreciated!




      Edit:  This is the error I am getting from testing the operation:


      InvocationTargetException:There was an error while invoking the operation. Check your operation inputs and try invoking the operation again.

      Response Received:
      soap:ServerException of type 'Microsoft.SharePoint.SoapServer.SoapServerException' was thrown.Element <Query> of parameter query is missing or invalid.0x82000000