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    Is it me or the Transform Each action in CS4 is missing something?



      I used to play a lot in CS3 with the Transform Each action,and made some great and interesting geometrical stuff with it...i could make a random shape, and then by selecting Transform Each ( i can't remember if it had the same name in cs3) and checking the preview option I could play a lot with the slides and the angle, and the number of copies, etc. - this way i colud create beautiful, cicular patterns on the spot, only from a simple shape, with a lot of possibilities of diversifying the design.

      the ONE thing that in CS4 is missing now, is the "Number of copies" field. Instead there is the "Copy" button, which makes only one copy and closes the panel. Sooo boring...

      Or did I do something wrong when installing the programme, did i miss a check or is there an option somewhere in preferences that could enable the "number of copies" field? I just can't imagine that they missed this one option on purpose...