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    Hex to Color number and back (charting)

    Cr99 Level 1

      I am creating some charts and assigning colors to the series in actionscript like this:


      var col:uint = new uint(new Number("0x0000CC"));     

      // col value is now 204

      var stroke:Stroke = new Stroke();

      stroke.color = col;

      lineSeries.setStyle("lineStroke", stroke);


      But when I try to convert the color back to the 0x format later, I get:


      var num:Number = lineSeries.getStyle("color");

      // num value is now 734012


      trace(item.label, "0x"+num.toString(16).toUpperCase()); // output is 0xB333C




      So how doe I get it back to the original 0x0000CC ?