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    scrollPane, problems calling function on mc parent

      it's thefirst time I really use the scrollPane component and I have some problems... I've tried to serch before posting but I didn't find a solution to my problem.
      well, it's relly simple, I have a scrollPane, and I load on it an external movie. this external movie has a movieclip with this code:

      this.onRelease = function(){

      I would to call a function called loadPress(id) – that will load an external jpg on the parent mc – on the parent mc (the one where there's the scrollpane), but I can't figure out how to poit to that function!
      I've tried with _level0 and _root but I can't still call that function!
      how can I access to father-movie from a movie within a scrollpane?
      I've tried with this._parent and this._parent._parent but iit doesn't work...