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    Nested sequence only partially plays

    Global Insights

      I am editing in Premiere CS4 with a Matrox RT-X2 card on a Vista 64-bit system.  I am trying to nest several sequences into one.  Unfortunately, when I nest the sequences, parts of some of the sequences are just black - even though the clips play fine in their own individual sequences.  I have checked sequence settings to make sure they match and nothing seems to correct this problem other than cutting and pasting the clips in each sequence to the one where I wanted them nested.  The nested sequences seem to be black mostly during AE compositions (which play fine in AE and in the .avi from the render queue of AE).  The problem is MOSTLY AE rendered .avi files but not exclusively.  Some of the black portions of the nested sequences are non-AE but usually do have more than one layer at those points (for example, a title, etc.).


      The "putting and pasting clips" is working for now but I would like to be able to nest sequences on future projects.  Any ideas?


      I appreciate your help!