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    Flex 4, including assets in installer... ok.. but installer exits with error.


      Hi there,


      Currently new with flex 4, working on a project which involves embedded and non-embedded assets, everything works as it should, debugging, or running the application.


      But the next step is offcourse building the Release Build which also creates the air file without any errors.


      But starting the installer to install it, exits with the message that the installer is corrupt, and stops the installation.


      What i've done sofar to isolate the problem:

      - removed the dependecy of another project by including the files in the main project. (no change)

      - created a new project, and included all the files from the orignal to the new one. (no change)

      - removed the assets folder from the src folder and put it up one folder. (now it works!!), but offcourse the images are not in the

        installer because they are out of the root structure, thus no images present.


      the assets folder is like:

      + src

        + assets

             + type1

                   {couple of images}.png

             + type2

                   {couple of images}.png

             + type3




      so by taking them out is ok, leaving it there generates the error by installing the Release Build.


      in the assets folder there are mainly png files, 2 ttf files and 1 swf file.


      Hope somebody can help me here, because i'm really stuck here, and really need some help