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    Problem with data collection through email

    emeurk Level 1

      I'm having problems with the automatic email submission function prompted when users don't have Adobe 9. Specifically, I recieve the following email from recipients without Adobe/Acrobat9: 

      This completed form is returned to you through email because the recipient does not have Acrobat 9 or Adobe Reader 9 (or a later version).


      Instructions to add this form to a responses file:

      1. Double-click the attachment.

      2. Acrobat will prompt you to select a responses file.

      When I follow these instructions, the data is added to my responses file, but when I try to save it, Acrobat prompts me to rename it and I get an error message - something to the effect that responses file already exists. If I save it again without renameing it, the data submitted through the emailed form is not saved.Anyone else having this problem?

      Also, sometimes the forms I receive via email are blank. Any thoughts?

      Let me know if anything isn't clear. Thanks for any suggestions you can offer.