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    CS4 Corrupted Project, All autosaves also corrupt




      I've had this before.


      Some months ago, after many hours of editing, my xml project file got corrupted and would not even let me load it. XML wrench (suggested by a knowledgeable user here) said the file was ok as far the xml code was concerned. I chalked it up to inadequate hardware and bought a new, much faster computer with 50% more memory. Plus, I lowered my sequence length so I had less exposure to losing work--only doing no more than one 8 minute chapter in each project then I'll put them all together at the end.


      I still have approximately 2800 clips loaded into various bins. For sure premiere doesn't like that but how else to peruse those clips?


      But the main problem is this: It's been working well enough until Monday. I closed the program that night, came back, plugged in my drives (with the media) and tried to load MasterPPG1.3.pproj, it hung up. I tried the last autosave--no luck. I unplugged the media just to see if it would give me an offline error. No luck. It still just hangs up. All that work gone.


      It says "loading project" and the yellow bar moves to about 75% then it just stops. I let it run for hours once just to see if it was time. No luck. XML wrench shows the file integrity to be good which, I realize, only means that the XML formatting is ok.


      Any ideas?


      I've uploaded a copy of the pproj file: http://footflyer.com/video


      Has anyone else experienced this? I'm spending too much time on the tool and can't see the light of day. It's beginning to look like my $800 investment is for naught.


      My media clips and animations are contained on an external hard drive.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.


      Jeff G.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          You mention "plugging in your drives." Are you editing to/from externals? If so, what is the connection type?


          The reason that I ask is that over the years, many have had serious issues with read/write issues and USB externals, especially the dreaded Delayed write failure." After going though some of this myself, I relegated ALL USB externals to archival storage only.


          Wish that I had more to offer, other than have you tried to Import that Project into a new one, rather than Open it?


          Good luck,



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            Wil Renczes Adobe Employee

            There's something wrong with the AoA.mov file reference in the project - it seems that the project claims that there's supposed to be an existing audio stream in this media file, but when it tries to reconstruct it, it's missing data.  I'd love to know how you managed to get the project into this state.  With any luck, you might remember doing something with that particular file that could give us some steps on how to reproduce this.


            Anyway, some good news:  CS5 detects & circumvents the error and can load the project.  That doesn't help you in itself though.  I've hacked the project to remove the audio references for that media file, and it seems to load okay after that.  You might need to go replace that clip again if the audio was required, but since it seems to be an animation, I suspect you won't miss it.


            Here's a link to the hacked project:





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              Jeff.Goin Level 1



              I am using USB drives on a notebook since I travel so heavily. What else would I use?


              Thanks for the inport suggestion although I did try that since it was in the FAQ offered for this problem.


              As a software guy from 20 years ago this is the absolute worst failure mode: corrupting user data and destroying all work, even the backups. Adobe would be well served by looking at the file and seeing why the program doesn't report an error rather than hanging up during load. Maybe it fails only on my machine. I'd be curious to see of anyone else can even get an error message to come up with the file (http://footflyer.com/video/). I don't even get to a "missing media" error when loading the file with my hard drive disconnected.


              I'm open to suggestions on the drive issue going forward.


              Appreciate the time.


              Jeff G.

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                Jeff.Goin Level 1



                Do me a favor.


                If you're ever in the Chicago area and wanna see the city from above, LOOK ME UP!


                You've rescued my work. Several hours worth restored. I don't understand why, but the AoA.mov was an animation which I did not export audio, but then I normally don't. Hopefully Adobe will address this issue as it sure would be more graceful to simply skip loading that file with an error rather than locking up the program.


                Your file worked. Actually it hung up at a different place but that's ok because it let me see what my clips and edits were thus saving the hassle of doing it over.


                THANK YOU!


                Jeff G.