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    Flash Relative Reference


      I share maintenance responsibilities for a site with someone else.  We both have Dreamweaver CS4.  She uses Win 7 and I'm on XP.  We had been getting warning messages about Flash objects (swf) possibly not working, so she deleted and reinserted some of the swf files.  Now the swf files do not work when the pages are loaded from my computer, even though they work OK when I load the pages from the site.  I tracked the problem to the relative reference for the swf files.  When she re-inserted the Flash files, Dreamweaver created:


      <param name="movie" value="/images/MyBanner.swf">


      However, when I reinsert the swf files, Dreamweaver creates:


      <param name="movie" value="../images/MyBanner.swf">


      I can change the references in the pages she created from '/' to '../' and the swf files work fine when loaded from my computer.  I have tested this in IE 8.0.6 and Firefox 3.6.2.


      Any ideas.