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      I am trying to create a file that will be printed on a 1x1 Lapel Pins, and the factory is saying that I need to have all my fonts and objects outlined.  I have done that in Photoshop with pen tool and brought them into the Illustrator.  I have sent a file to the factory and they told me that I need to remove the registration box that is still around the object. When I click on an object, there are two lines - one is around the object itself (that I outlined in Photoshop) and the other is the box that covers the exact size of the object.  Supposably the outline will be the basis for the pin and the metal would be buit up to hold the colour paint, therefore they need the outline only to the exact size.


      So, my question is, how do I get rid of the box that is around the object? Have I done the "outlining" right? Any help will be appreciated it, I am using CS3.