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    Flex 4 and Photoshop CS 5 Plugin


      I am wondering if anyone else is having this problem.  I have created a Flex 4 application and placed it into the Plugins\Pannel directory of Photoshop CS5.  When I load the plugin and resize it, the plugin scales and does not resize as expected.  Is there something I am missing?  I have checked some plugins that I created with Flex 3 and they work well.  Also I have used blank Flex 4 applications and they also have the same problem where they scale and dont resize.




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          I have been experiencing the same issue. I haven't figured out a clean solution to this yet, and as to why it doesn't resize flex 4 plugins properly but it does resize flex3 plugins..


          Just this morning I figured out a workaround. here is a snippet.



              width="100%" height="100%"





          and the resize handler:




                      import mx.events.ResizeEvent;


                      protected function windowedapplication1_resizeHandler(event:ResizeEvent):void



                          parent.parent.scaleX = 1;

                          parent.parent.scaleY = 1;






          I looked into what the parent.parent is, and it seems that its a FlexLoader. There should be some way to keep the flexLoader from scaling.

          Let me know if you found out any other solution.