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    Adding and accessing viewstack childs at runtime.




      I am having  3 static pages in my viewstack.

      only page will be alaways static and second and third will be dynamic.

      dpending of the number they enter on first page i have to add 2 and 3 pages dynamically(run time) to my viewstack and get the data from the new pages what user enters.

      My problem is:

      I can add the pages dynamically to viewstack.but when i tried to retrieve the data form the dynamic pages which created at runtime i am not able to get that.

      I tried to get by myViewStackId.getChildrenName(name) it is always throwing null.i can navigate to all the dynamic pages but why i am not able to get by using id.

      why arent the runtime children appearing in the childdescriptors array?

      Is there some other way to add children at runtime such that they are accessible via AS?

      Help me out.

      Thanks in advance.