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    Need Help With Flash 10e.ocx Problem!!!


      Hello,  I've found my way to this forum due to a persistent problem I am having.  This problem according to the error pop up screen relates to adobe, specifically - Flash 10e.ocx.


      I have read the other threads but my issue seems to be different to the ones listed here.  I have however taken some of the advice given but still having the same issues.


      I have uninstalled and reinstalled adobe and also Java but still the issue persists. I have also rebooted an number of times as well.


      Basically what is happening, I am updating text in the back end of a website which I am able to do for about 10 minutes or so then the screen appears telling me that Flash 10e.ocx has encountered a problem with IE and needs to close.  IE the closes and needs to be reopened and the same thing continues.  Sometimes I don't even get the warning and IE just closes automatically.


      I am running Vista and have bever had this issue before.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Very confused and annoyed!!!

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          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

          Hi OCG, Since it is IE that is closing, check in your manage add ons (all add ons) and find Shockwave Flash Object...

          ActiveX Control...Flash10e.ocx  and make sure it is enabled.  This is the ActiveX Control that must be installed and the latest version is, as it works with the Flash Player files.


          If you have that, then we would want to check your Flash files to see what is installed. Go go C:\Windows\System32\

          Macromed\Flash.   Right click on the Flash folder and post back all files listed there.







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            Dear eidnolb,


            Thank you very much for all the info.  I checked in my add ons and all I see in the list is something that says "Shockwave flash object" and it is enabled.  I checked all the different lists and couldn't find anything that specifically said it was the Flash 10....  Anyhoo, I then followed the next set of your instructions and this is what was in the flash folder: Flash103.ocx ActiveX control, Install text document, FlashUtil10e & uninstall Active X.  Those are the only things in the folder.  Any further help would be greatly appreciated.


            Thanks again

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              eidnolb onlyone Level 5

              Hi, In your Flash folder if the Flash103.ocx was just a typo and you meant Flash10e.ocx then your files are correct.


              However, I am somewhat puzzled that the add on in all add ons is not complete. It should list as Shockwave Flash Object...ActiveX Control..Flash10e.ocx... enabled.


              If this SFO is not installed then that would account for the error you are receiving. This .ocx is an ActiveX Control, it is installed in the Flash files, so the error is not pointing to that. The only thing listed is Shockwave Flash Object and enabled? Nothing else?


              What Anti-Virus/Spyware are you using and does it contain a Firewall? If it doesn't do you use any Firewall other than

              the Windows Firewall?



              What IE version?





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                I have the same problem.

                Running WinXP SP3 and IE8.


                When I try to play a flash game, it doesn't last long before it crashes (IE) with an error mentionning flash10e.ocx.


                Shockware flash object is enabled in the manage add-ons window.


                In the folder you asked to list, there are :






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                  Chose1977 Level 1

                  I have Shockwave Flash Object...ActiveX Control..Flash10e.ocx... enabled.

                  I have antivir as an antivirus, it contains no firewall.

                  Windows' firewall is disabled, I use ZoneAlarm.

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                    eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                    Sunny, why are you on this thread? I replied to you on your own thread that you started. It is too confusing to have more than one person on a thread. Since I have not received a reply from OCG2010 who started this thread, I will wait for that.


                    You had no right to answer my post to OCG2010. So from now on, you will be ignored. Instead of posting on someone else's thread you should have replied to me on your own thread, since I took my time to respond to you.



                    To Chose1977, you also need to start your own thread. And if anyone else decides to post on this one, the same applies


                    to you also.







                    To OCG2010, excuse the rudeness of Sunny and Chose.

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                      Sunny9176 Level 1

                      Ok.... so I have windows XP and I noticed when I was checking in the add ons that I was using the 32 bit, if that helps.  My antivirus is McAfee and it does have a personal firewall that is enabled and the windows firewall is enabled as well.  I didn't seem to ever have this problem until I "updated" my flash player... go figure, lol.  Thanks again for your help.  It's greatly appreciated

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                        Chose1977 Level 1

                        I juste made sure Flash was OK in the firewall, tested again and it crashed.


                        AppName: iexplore.exe

                        AppVer: 8.0.6001.18702

                        ModName: flash10e.ocx


                        Offset: 001f3505

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                          Chose1977 Level 1

                          It's ok, don't worry about that !

                          I started a new thread.

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                            Sunny9176 Level 1

                            Really?  I posted on this thread because we were ALL having the same problem so I figured it would be easier for you to answer on here, rather than go back and forth between multiple posts.  I guess that's my bad for trying to think about others, since you are the one being rude on here not me.  I do believe I even thanked you multiple times on here for your time and help.  Why in the hell are you making such a big deal about it?  I mean seriously.

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                              eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                              Sunny, I make a big deal out of it because everyone's system is different. XP, Vista, Win7, IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, all different Anti-Virus/spyware/Firewalls, not to mention various Toolbars, All of the Add ons in IE, the plug-ins in FF and other browsers, Security settings, Java, etc. etc. That's why.


                              If you were on this side of the forum you'd understand. I know many people think it is helpful to post on a thread that is

                              similiar to their problem. And from your viewpoint I would agree. But those of us on this side look at it differently. You know what you have on your computer, etc. I can't keep in my head 3-4 different people's systems and all of the different

                              above mentioned.


                              When you have your own thread, then I can refer back to the posts that I know pertain just to you and your issues. Otherwise, I have to read everybody's until I find that last thing you posted, then find the last thing I posted to you, in between everyone else. No, it's very confusing and it wastes my time and the users also.


                              Just look at things from this side. The view is always different depending on whether one is looking out or in:-)






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                                OCG2010 Level 1

                                Hi eidnolb, aplologies for taking a bit to reply but been doing the Good Easter Friday thing with the family.


                                I checked the addons and yes the Shockwave Flash was enabled, however I couldn't locate where I was able to confirm if it was the latest version  I believe it should be as I have uninstalled and reinstalled a few times, each time I have also rebooted my computer as well.


                                The files I have listed in my System32/Macromed/Flash folder are as follows:



                                install (text doc)



                                I hope this is what you are after.


                                Thanks for your help with this also





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                                  eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                  Hi OCG, thanks. No problem on the delay, as you could tell there was plenty to keep me busy on your thread:-) This being Good Friday, I am limiting my time on the Forum to those that already started their threads that I responded to.


                                  Your Flash Player files are correct. Check your add on and make sure it is listed Shockwave Flash Object, not just Shockwave Flash. The Shockwave Player also has a Shockwave Flash add on but it is completely different than Flash Player's add on which is Shockwave Flash Object. Confusing I know, but that is the way it is. I just need to make that

                                  distinction. You should have the SWO either listing with it Flash10e.ocx or version or both.


                                  You can try this, go to Tools, click on Internet Options, click on Settings, then click on View Objects. Is the Shockwave Flash Object listed there with the version number?



                                  What version of IE are you using?  This dictates what you can and can't do.


                                  Now you might also mention what Anti-Virus/Spyware/Firewall you use. Even tho you have the correct Flash Player files

                                  installed in the Flash folder, the SWO/ActiveX Control could have been blocked from installing.

                                  Do you use any ad block software or pop-up blockers?





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                                    OCG2010 Level 1

                                    Hi eidnolb, I checked my addon and it is Shockwave Flash Object Flash10e.ocx.  Now without trying to confuse you that is listed when I went and checked under tools/manage addons/enable or disable addons.  When I went and checked, as you asked me to, tools/internet options/settings/view objects shockwave isn't listed there at all.  There was only Java and the following -


                                    {8FFBE65D-2C9C-4669_84BD-5829DC0B603C}  Unknown    4KB       None         None
                                    {E2883E8F-472F-4FB0-9522-AC9BF37916A7}    Damaged    None     2/11/2006   2/4/2010

                                    Diagnostics ActiveX WebControl                        Installed     128KB   10/5/2009   10/5/2009  1,0,0,12


                                    I am running IE version Version 7.0.6001.18000


                                    I am also running AVG anti virus.  This includes spyware and firewall.


                                    Hope I have answered all the questions for you?.


                                    Cheers OCG2010

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                                      eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                      Hi OCG, Ok, glad you cleared up the SWO. Mine is listed in the Settings>View Objects so I thot maybe yours would be too,

                                      in case you couldn't find the version number. Not all of my add ons are listed there, so no biggie. I don't know how it's

                                      decided what is listed there and what isn't.



                                      The "Unknown" file and the "Damaged" file that is listed there, if you can right click on it and Remove/Delete that is what I would do. I had a couple last year and just removed them. Now I use IE6 and have that freedom:-), but you may not with IE7, but try. You never want an unknown add on and a damaged one doesn't do anything to help.



                                      Since you have all correct Flash files and the SWO, then something else. Now I am somewhat familiar with AVG. One thing that conflicts is the AVG LinkScanner. Most everyone agrees on various forums about it.

                                      In your system tray, open AVG User Interface. Double Click on the LinkScanner. Un-tick the option Enable AVG Search-Shield and Enable Active Surf-Shield. Save the changes.


                                      See if this helps.


                                      You also may want to post back all of your IE add ons if the above doesn't help. Something is conflicting and when all Flash files and the SWO are correct then add ons, Toolbars and their add ons, etc.





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                                        OCG2010 Level 1

                                        Hi eidnolb, I was unable to delete those files FYI.


                                        I also disabled the linkscanner and the Active Surf Shield was already enabled.  This however didn't help unfortunately.


                                        Here is a list of the IE add-ons as requested.


                                        Add-ons currently loaded in IE
                                        AVG Safe Search     AVG Tech  Enabled  Browser Helper Object avgssie.dll
                                        Google Toolbar Helper  Google Inc  Enabled  Browser Helper Object GoogleToolbar_32.dll
                                        Google Toolbar Notifier BHO Google Inc  Enabled     swg.dll
                                        SingleInstance Class  Yahoo Inc  Enabled     YTSingleInstance.dll
                                        Skype add-on (mastermind) (Not Verified)  Enabled     SkypeIEPlugin.dll
                                        Skybot-SD IE Protection  Safer Networking Ltd Enabled     SDHelper.dll
                                        Yahoo! Toolbar Helper  Yahoo Inc  Enabled     yt.dll
                                        Shockwave Flash Object  Adobe Sys Inc    ActiveX Control  Flash10e.ocx
                                        Blog This in Windows Live Writer   Enabled  Browser Extension
                                        Java(tm) Plug-In 2 SSV Helper Sun Micro Inc  Enabled  Browser Help Object jp2ssv.dll
                                        Research        Browser Extension
                                        Send To Onenote        Browser Extension
                                        Skype    (Not Verified)  Enabled  Browser Extension SkypeIEPlugin.dll
                                        Spybot - Search & Destroy Configuration   Enabled  Browser Extension
                                        Search Helper   Microsoft Corp  Enabled  Browser Helper Object SEPsearchhelperie.dll
                                        Windows Live ID Sign-in Helper Microsoft Corp  Enabled  Browser Helper Object WindowsLiveLogin.dll
                                        Adobe PDF Link Helper  Adobe Systems, Inc Enabled  Browser Helper Object AcroIEHelperShim.dll
                                        Google Toolbar   Google Inc  Enabled  Toolbar   GoogleToolbar_32.dll


                                        Cheers OCG2010

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                                          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                          Hi, well that is quite a list, I see several conflicts:-) I think you better go to Programs and Features and post back all

                                          Java listings with version numbers. I don't see the Java add ons that should be there.


                                          What I was going to suggest is that you disable all add ons except SWO and Java and see if that would be an improvement. However, we better check the Java files first.


                                          Spybot would probably conflict with AVG since they both have similar components. Skype is a potential conflict, depending on the version. Google, if it was only the Toolbar, probably not. But they add the ActiveX Controls and Google

                                          doesn't play nice with IE anyway.


                                          Let's check Java first and then we can find out which of those add ons are conflicting. It will just be a matter of elimination. You won't have to Uninstall any, we'll just find out which one or more are conflicting.


                                          I notice that the ones you listed are "currently loaded" Do you have "have been used, also?" I have add ons under both listings.





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                                            OCG2010 Level 1

                                            Hi thanks eidnolb, in case you haven't picked up on it yet I am a bit of a computer spaz.  Would you be able to direct me to where I will find the java info that you are looking for.  Also is there a way of copying all the add-ons instead of typing them out individually?.  I know enough to copy and paste but it's not allowing me to do that.


                                            Cheers OCG2010

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                                              eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                              Hi, We used to have the File attachment but it's been disabled. I know it is a pain to have to type them. Don't feel bad about not knowing everything. I don't know anyone that does:-)


                                              You would find the Java files either Start>Control Panel and double click on Add/Remove or Programs and Features. I'm not sure how Vista is, Win7 is Programs and Features. It would be where all of your programs are listed, if you've ever been there.


                                              We'll address the copying and pasting of the add'l add ons after we see what Java looks like. Hope you're not getting tired of all of this digging, but that's the only way I know  to find the problem.






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                                                OCG2010 Level 1

                                                No typing is fine, I just thought I was missing something.


                                                The Java I have installed is - Java (TM) 6 Update 19.


                                                I just thought I would explain the problem that I get also as this may help.


                                                Basically what was happening is, I was logging into a  "backend" website builder a friend of mine has.  Now without making this to long, everytime I went to add content, basically in the same fashion as this with a similar word type set up and then save it I would get that Flash10e.ocx problem.  I hope that makes sense?.


                                                Cheers OCG2010

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                                                  eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                                  Ok, not quite sure I understand since I've never attempted what you are doing. But the error is coming from your computer, right? Don't tell me it is your friend's computer or I will be totally confused:-)  Well do you think the problem may be with his website? Just ignore my confusion.



                                                  Ok, back to Java. You have the latest update. You should have 4-5 Java add ons in IE, do you? Perhaps you won't have to

                                                  type add'l add ons. I only need to know if you have the correct Java add ons installed and if so, I wanted you to then

                                                  disabled every other add on, both currently loaded and have been used except the Java add ons and the Shockwave Flash Object. But at this point I don't know if you have the Java add ons that should be there.







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                                                    OCG2010 Level 1

                                                    Hi eidnolb, did mean to confuse you.  the add-ons I have are below


                                                    Google Toolbar Helper    GoogleToolbar_32.dll
                                                    Google Toolbar Notifier BHO   swg.dll
                                                    SingleInstance Class    YTSingleInstance.dll
                                                    AVG Safe search     avgssie.dll
                                                    Skype add-on (mastermind)   SkypeIEPlugin.dll
                                                    Spybot SD IE Protection    SDHelper.dll
                                                    Yahoo Toolbar Helper    yt.dll
                                                    Adobe PDF Link Helper    AcroIEHelperShim.dll
                                                    Blog This in Windows Live Writer
                                                    Google Toolbar     GoogleToolbar_32.dll
                                                    Java(tm) Plug-In 2 SSV Helper   jp2ssv.dll
                                                    Search Helper     SEPsearchhelperie.dll
                                                    Send To Onenote    
                                                    Skype      SkypeIEPlugin.dll
                                                    Spybot-Search & Destroy Config  
                                                    Windows Live ID Sign-in Helper   WindowsLiveLogin.dll
                                                    Windows Live Toolbar BHO   wltcore.dll
                                                    Shockwave Flash Object    Flash10e.ocx
                                                    Windows Live Toolbar    wltcore.dll
                                                    Yahoo!7 Toolbar     yt.dll
                                                    Windows Media Player    wmp.dll
                                                    Microsoft Silverlight    npctrl.dll
                                                    Deployment Toolkit    deplytk.dll
                                                    Free Threaded XML DOM Document   msxmi6.dll
                                                    XML DOM Document 6.0    msxmi6.dll
                                                    XSL Template 6.0    msxmi6.dll
                                                    XML HTTP 6.0     msxmi6.dll
                                                    QuickTime Object    QTPlugin.ocx
                                                    Windows Live     MSGSC1~1.DLL
                                                    Windows Live ID Sign-in Control   WindowsLiveLogin.dll
                                                    XML DOM Document    msxml3.dll
                                                    Microsoft Offive 12 Authorisation Control AUTHZAX.DLL
                                                    Windows Media Player    wmpdxm.dll
                                                    InformationCardSigninHelper Class  icardie.dll
                                                    {9E385F0A-0BA2-430C-96AA-4399C5E40F6C}  Sktpe.exe
                                                    Quicktime Object    QTPlugin.ocx
                                                    Adobe PDF Reader    AcroPDF.dll
                                                    XML DOM Document 3.0    msxml3.dll
                                                    Video_X_MS_WMV Moniker Class   wmp.dll
                                                    Windows Live Upload Tool   Microsoft.Live.
                                                    QuicktimeCheck Class    Micosoft.Live.Folders.RichUpload.3.dll
                                                    isInstalled Class    wsdetect.dll
                                                    iTunesDetector Class    ITDetector.ocx
                                                    Diagnostics ActiveX WebControl   DiagWAPI.dll
                                                    XML HTTP 3.0     msxml3.dll
                                                    XML HTTP 4.0     msxml4.dll
                                                    XML HTTP 5.0     msxml5.dll
                                                    Java Plug-in 1.6.0_19    jp2iexp.dll
                                                    Java Plug-in 1.6.0_19    jp2iexp.dll


                                                    Cheers OCG2010

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                                                      eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                                      You did? LOL, well it wouldn't be the first time I was confused. Ok, I knew there were more. You have the Java add ons, good.


                                                      Are you using Firefox or another browser? Just wondering.


                                                      Any way, back to the IE issue. Whenever there are many add ons and without a lot of time to disable one at a time and check, sometime it is easier to keep enabled those that are needed and disable all others. Now, keeping in mind that IE

                                                      runs perfectly without one add on whatsoever, we will keep enabled Shockwave Flash Object, and Java only.


                                                      That means that all Toolbars and every add on "currently loaded" and "have been used" will be Disabled. Then you will try to do what has been causing a problem. If you still get that error, then go back into the add ons and Enable, the Microsoft

                                                      XSL, XML's; keeping SWO and Java enabled.






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                                                        OCG2010 Level 1

                                                        No only using IE and nothing else.


                                                        I will try that now and let you know.


                                                        Thanks eidnolb. I'll get back to you.


                                                        Cheers OCG2010