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    Compiling with mxmlc Using CS3 Components

      Hi, I would like to use the Flex SDK 3.0 to compile a project which currently compiles successuflly in Flash CS3 (because it's quicker). I am importing assets from swfs using [Embed ...] tags without any problems. I can also use CS3 components by exporting them to an SWC file, adding that to the library path for mxmlc and then reating new instances of them in AS. However, I have some assets which contain components which were statically placed within them in the CS3 IDE and given an instance name. These are not working. For example, the buttons I have typed as fl.controls.Button in the AS code but I get a run time error saying that it can't coerce a MovieClip instance into a Button. Does anyone have any ideas? The CS3 compiler is driving me nuts because it's so slow. I used to use MTASC and am looking for something similar to work with AS 3.0.