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    Edit files in a RoboHelp HTML 8 Project without using RoboHelp




      I created a RoboHelp for HTML 8 project with Microsoft HTML being the primary output.


      Now my client insists that they want to be able to edit the output without using RoboHelp for HTML.


      I don't think that this is possible I open up one of the html files in a text editor, changed a word, then open up the compiled help file without regenerating it in RoboHelp. As expected, they topic in the compiled help file did not make the change to the html file that I edited in the text editor.


      Is there a way my client can recompile the help without using RoboHelp for HTML 8 and be able to have the newly compiled help reflect any changes they make in the html file using a text editor?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated?


      Thanks Greg T.