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    After Effects messes everything up when it renders


      Hi there,

      I'm working on a project right now, with alot of layers, .movs, images, masks, adjusting layers, text layers and all that stuff. Everything looks fine and when I do a quick ram preview it works very well, but when I put it in the render queue and try to render it out as a .mov (animation, jpeg 2000, png i've tried alot) I get very weird results. Sometimes there are color flashes. For example the whole image is red for one frame or blue, green or whatever. It's flashing very much, like every second or third frame comes a colored frame. But thats not all, I'm using an elipse mask over all my layers to create a vignette and the random colors are affected by the vignette. It's like I've build those color layers myself and placed it under the vignette.


      This is a random issue, it can start flashing after 2 seconds or after 15 and sometimes it's working fine and i can render it out without any problems.


      But thats not all, another problem can be that my layers are messed up, so when I'm using some Text layers in front of everything else they are behind some of the other layers. At the moment there are no color problems at all but my text layers are behind other layers. All of this stuff just happens when i try to render it. So it's not me. My project works fine. There are no random color layers or stupid placed text layers at all. The normal ram preview workes fine. It's just impossible to render it out.


      When I'm rendering some proxys with half resolution or stuff the problems seems to disapear, just the last final rendering, when everything comes together with full quality messes everything up. I really need to render this project but it's impossible. Sometimes with flashing colors, sometimes with messed up text layers or all together. It's so random.


      I'm using After Effects CS4 with Windows 7 64bit (i also tried Vista Mode).

      My Mashine:

      Intel Q6600 2,4 Ght Quad Core

      nvidia 8800GTX graphics card

      8GB of ram


      All my Adobe Products are updated.

      Please help me with this, I'm really running out of time.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          How do you render? Is multiprocessing used? OpenGL? Very much sounds like you get different frame results from different background instances, meaning some of them goof up, but not all. Other things that could be causing that could be general problems with your source footages being unsuitable for MP rendering or the notorious issues with layer styles vs. 3D layers vs. continuous rasterization vs. adjustment layers... Hard tosay, but look into these things.



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            Glomby_ Level 1

            I'm trying to render it as a quicktime movie animation, multiprocessing is used, OpenGL not. The project is over all an in after effects created environment so its not a video file with layers over it. It's an 3D environemnt filled with some 3D elements , .movs, multiple 3D compositions and a bunch of videos, which uses different frame rates, and codecs. So some of the source footage isn't that easy to handle but it should be handlable.


            Finally I got it rendered out as a png sequence and then rendered it again into my quicktime movie.