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    Formatting Data for Customizable Timeline


      I'm creating a website about the history of architectural styles in America.  One feature will be a timeline.


      I'd like the user to be able to choose a range of geographical areas, and a date, and see a scrollable timeline of quotations, facts, and images, so that he/she can compare various regions (in the vertical dimension) and navigate horizontally to view how styles change over the years.


      As a one-man band, doing this on my own, I need to learn everything about this from a programming point of view.   But I'm also working on the actual content, aggregating the various images, facts, and quotations. 


      1. Are there extensions which might help me to create this interactive timeline?

      2. How should I be building the collection of data?  Can I use a spreadsheet, or should I immediately begin with a database structure?




      Bob C.