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    Codecs to work with AE

    RichExperiences Level 1

      Ok, i have a piece of footage that a teacher gave me and I can't plat it because  it was encode on a Mac( I have a PC - Vista) and my system doesn't have the right codec. Makes sense. FOr the life of me I can't tell which one I am supposed to go find/buy in hopes of making it work wioth AE CS4.  It's for a greenscreen assignment, for what it's worth.


      Does anyone have suggestion on how I can approach this?


      Here is a shot of the Quicktime movie inspector screen.  I mean there can't be a public code named HDV 10803p can there? Don't they all  have names more commerical names like divx, etc?


      As you can tell, I am still getting my head around all the issues with codecs, and how apps uses them.






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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          An HDV Quicktime file should play on any Windows machine with Quicktime player installed.


          Do you have a current version of Quicktime installed? Will the file play in Quicktime player at all?

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            RichExperiences Level 1

            Hello - thanks.


            It doesn't play. It opens, but it's blank. It gives an error sayign that the correct components are not installed to play this file.  I've got QT Pro 7.6.6.




            Can import to AE and blanlk too. Can copy to my Mac and it plays fine.

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              Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Strange.  I don't have an immediate solution, but in the meantime an obvious workaround would be to convert it in the Mac to a more PC friendly format.  Try Quicktime Animation to see if other standard Quicktime codecs have similar problems.

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                If it's FCP HDV, then you're out of luck. These CoDecs are not available for PC and even on a Mac you actualyl have to have FCB installed to use them. As Andrew was suggesting, the file needs to be made available in another CoDec, which could be ProRes 422, PNG, Animation etc...



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                  RichExperiences Level 1

                  Hey, thanks everyone.  I hear you M about it most likely being the native codecs in FCP. I had the same idea to export using a more generic encoder. But there are like 90 in that list! Or so it seems. I ended up doing a custom export and having to play with the pixel ratio multiple times to get it right.  I think it's going to work.


                  Thanks again for all the thoughts on this. Now off to figure out a concept to use army men, a woman doing balley in a 3D environment for this class project!  Wish me luck.