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    Jumping to a frame, then access a clip

    Some1Won Level 1

      I have just encountered something very strange in flash 8. I was so sure this would work, but I guess not... or am I just missing something here?

      My timeline looks like this (I shall attempt some asci art here, as I can’t seem to attach an image :P):

      ...[13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21][22][23][24][25][26][27] - my frame numbers
      ...[________][ a ][_______________________________] - at frame 16 is some code
      ...[________________________________][*||||||||||||||||||||] - frame 24-27 is a movieclip

      The movieclip is a timerClip I’ve made, with a class "attached", it looks something like this: (at bottom of this post, -there are more methods then what is shown). The clip is also given a name called “timerClip”.

      At frame 16, is some code (which is actually in a function, but from testing, it doesn't really matter):

      I call that function/run it at some random frame (between 16 and 23) and my timer doesn’t go off. Yet, when I trace “timerClip”, it is able to find it (it comes up “_level0.timerClip”). I can still, play it manually, etc (by calling whatever methods the Movieclip class has). Is this actually not doable in flash? -jumping to a frame, and calling the clips on that frame? *somewhat confused*