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    Flex 3 in a Week vs. Flex 4 in a Week

    Rogério M. Carvalho

      Comparing Flex 3 in a week and Flex 4 in a week video tutorials is easy to verify that some important subjects were left out, while another important where introduced. Bellow there are a list of some important subjects of Flex 3 tutorial left out in Flex 4 tutorial:


      • Using XML with E4X
      • Creating SWC components (static and RSL)
      • Using Shared Objects
      • Localization using resource bundles
      • Splitting your application into modules


      Are the contents of the subjects mentioned above covered only in Flex 3 tutorial?


      Are the contents of these subjects compatible with the new features of Flex 4?


      Best regards,


      Rogério Moraes de Carvalho





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          deepa subramaniam (adobe) Level 2

          Hi Rogerio -

          We took out some parts from the Flex 3 in a Week series when moving the content over to be compatible with Flex 4. This was so we could add in more detailed content around some of the new features and functionality in Flex 4 like the new Spark component and skinning architecture. Those areas you cited below (using XML with E4X, SWC component creation, local shared objects, localizing via resource bundles and module-based application development) are still relevant in the Flex 4 world. You can continue to learn about those features in the Flex 3 in a Week tutorial, and apply your knowledge to development in either a Flex 3-based or Flex-4 based application.



          Deepa Subramaniam

          Product Manager, Flex SDK

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            Rogério M. Carvalho Level 1

            Hi Deepa,


            You confirmed my suspects. I will study the complementary topics in "Flex 3 in a Week" video tutorial series.


            Thanks a lot,


            Rogério Moraes de Carvalho