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    Choppy video exporting to H.264 using AVCHD source


      Hello all.  I'm a noob to encoding HD video and am looking for some help


      I have a Sony HDR-XR150 which records at 1080/60i AVCHD format at 29.97 fps.

      I'm recording videos in Sony's HD FH mode which is 16mb/s 1080i HD.

      I'm using the Sequence preset:  AVCHD 1080i30 (60i).

      I can import my videos in CS4 just fine and even work with them (even though the preview video can be choppy at times; even at draft quality).

      My issue is with exporting the video to H.264:

      - I've tried the preset for HDTV 1080p 29.97 High Quality:  Output video is very choppy.

      - I've tried the Youtube HD preset:  Very choppy.

      - When I export using the preset: 1440x1080i 29.97 High Quality the video is NOT choppy and plays back flawlessless.


      Is this normal?

      Shouldn't there be a 1920x1080i profile as well?


      Thanks in advance!


      - Three4Me