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    issues I have had with CF Builder



      I have had lots of issues getting CF Builder installed and working.

      So my goal is to get one eclipse with CF Builder, Flash Builder & FDT


      Using Mac OS X (10.6.2) ColdFusion 9/port 80 (under JRun4)

      to start(and why I ask here) was to install CF Builder:

      step one install Eclipse (Java version Galileo).

      Downloaded CF Builder as a plugin in


      I did notice that the plugins where installed in /Applications/CF Builder,... but I assume that the plugins themselves were install into the eclipse plugin folder? Should I have installed everything in the eclipse folder? I just went for the defaults.


      The first thing I noticed was no code hinting! I also discover after creating a server it would only last during the session. That is, on re start the server would be gone, and I would have to re create it. Also, the RDS gave be a forbidden error(I think 403). I did use the RDS password,and the server was running. As a test I did the same thing in dreamweaver CS 4 and worked perfectly, so I don't think that anything is wrong on the CF Side.


      I am wondering did I just get a bad download or are others having issues as well? I have been using Eclipse for some time, and not an expert by any means, but I know my way around the IDE a little bit.



      Any help would be great,



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          krishnapreddy_adobe Level 2

          I believe this is a cache issue  bacause the installation type is changed from Beta to Final release.

          Installing into default location is fine as you did.

          Workaround to the issue:

          Remove the file named 'cfbuilder.link' from the eclipse_home\dropins directory by backing it up at some other location. Now launch the eclipse (This clear-off the eclipse cache).Now put back the cfbuilder.link file into the dropins directory and launch Eclipse to see the ColdFusion perspective.

          Hope this resolves your issue.

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            johnbarrett1 Level 1


            Thanks so much for your post.


            Well today I re-installed Flash Builder 4 & ColdFusion Builder(as I got the student licence). I fist installed Flash Builder 4, and then I installed ColdFusion Builder as a plugin into Flash Builder 4, and it works!


            I am so happy. Maybe I should of tried the eclipse way again, but I heard many people on twitter saying this way worked for them with no issues, and it did for me too, I am so happy


            thanks so much for your help,