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    Popup screen launch issue

    Karthik@Chennai Level 1

      Hi All,

      Iam using an shell(Main movie) under which launching an child movie using swloader which contains popup and hyperlink button.


      Note : Popup screen is designed as Title window


      Scenario 1(No error):

                  Child movie is launched and when i click the popup button popup screen is launched sucessfully.


      Scenario 2 (Error case):

                   Child movie is launched and i perform hyper link button action on that time storing previous child movie state in containerArray (Array) by using    swloader.content and new movie for hyperlink button action is launched in the swfloader and when i come back from the move lauched through hyperlink and retain the previous movie state as it is  like swfloader.load(containerArray .pop).On that time when i try to launch popup screen facing following stack problem