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      I have a reasonably large traditional client/server application that I would like to convert to flex. I have taught myself enough to know that I can do the screens and business logic in flex.

      This system has a fair amount of standard columnar style reports that need to be converted, and I like standard page headings and footers. Additionally, I need to create the occasional mail merge type of report, and custom forms like checks.

      The printjob/printdatagrid functions look inadequate for the task. My question is what tools/frameworks are being used currently to handle this?

      I don't mind a framework approach that I can feed xml data from my back-end, actually I think I would prefer this to the "Business Intelligence" model that requires care and feeding of server tools like tomcat, etc. So, are there any zero server (or small) footprint Report Designers that would allow "paper ready" output? What I mean by "paper ready" is something that will send reports to the printer from the client, or send a pdf from the server.

      I am not opposed to using the built in tools provided by flex, but I haven't seen any "professional" looking reports generated using these tools. I am NOT a ColdFusion developer, nor do I wish to use CF to drive flex for reporting. If anyone can point me to a good flex reporting framework, that would be great.