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    Flash to Flex movieclip single frame loaded problem


      Hi all,


      I have exported a small movieclip (which has 10 frames consisting of a classical rotation animation) as swc from Adobe Flash CS4. I did this from the Library panel by setting the properties as:


      - Export for ActionScript 3 (Class name given)

      - Export for frame 1 (Deselected)


      Afterwards I copied this component to Adobe Flex (Flash Builder 4 Beta 2) libs directory. I then created an instance of the movie clip in Flex with the new keyword (var myMovieClip:MovieClip = new MyMovieClipClass()).


      So far so good. The problem arises when I try to navigate between the frames with nextFrame() and gotoAndPlay() etc. The problem is that - only the first frame of the movieclip seems to be loaded - I found it out by checking :


      if (myMovieClip.framesLoaded > 1) {

           //then log this  --BREAKPOINT



      When I try to debug the application it never stops in this breakpoint. So, only one frame seems to be loaded.


      What do you think the problem here is?Am I in the wrong direction for trying to navigate between frames of an exported swc movieclip?


      Thanks in advance...