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    Getting black video after rendering: Any ideas

    Nelson M

      I have just encountered a serious problem with CS3. When building my final show, I imported segments to only find out that I have to render them. When I render them, the video is either black or stuck on a still frame. I have tried everything. Reinstalling etc.

      We are shooting in NTSC 29.97, 48KHz 16bit and all of the projects are set up to take this format.

      When looking at my project settings I am in quicktime NTSC DV 29.97, PAR = D1/DV NTSC (0.9) 30fps drop frame timecode. audio at 48khz.

      This just started. I also brought in some commercial spots from last year and some had to be rendered and some didn't. All spots and segments were created on the same machine.

      On my MBP, I have CS4, and I imported the segments, and I don't need to render and I didn't even set up the program beyond the defaults.

      Is there anything in CS3 that I might have messed up?