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    Is Canon Vixia HFS100 best for $700?

    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      I've changed my mind from SD only - it's time to think about selecting a flash memory camcorder


      My Sony 8mm (analog) tape camcorder still works, but it IS aging... and the batteries have never had really great shooting life due to the tape motor, plus I'm going to have to replace my set of OLD style batteries one of these days 'cause they no longer want to hold a good charge... so, it's time to select a flash memory camcorder


      NO hard drive models (several notes about drive problems) and NO models that write to a DVD


      After lots of Googling and looking at specifications and reading reviews, my current choice is the Canon Vixia HFS100... which will cost me about $700, plus just under $100 for a 32Gig class 6 SDHC memory card


      CS5 and the (NOT overclocked!) Intel i7-930 64bit computer I am going to build should edit the AVCHD files fairly easily... WITH buying an nVidia 285 card to use Cuda/MPE instead of the less expensive ATI card I was going to buy


      In my price range (total of $800 is already more than I want to spend, along with building a new computer, but the HFS100 reviews are good) is there anything else I should consider for a flash memory camcorder?