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    Displaying Dynamic Text from a Variable pulled from other software (Lectora)


      Hey everyone,

      I don't know if anyone has ever used Lectora before... I use it for web based E-Learning content.

      So I am trying to find a way to get around the very limited Print Page function in Lectora.  On every page of my course, I have a "Notes" box where the user can enter info about their page.

      At the end of the course, I have actions to bring together all the entries from all the pages.  So I created a Variable named "VARactionplan” I then had a string of actions that would do an "ADD to VARIABLE" Modification type.   It looks something like this:

      Action1 -  VAR(objectives_text)

      Action 2 - \\r\\r   //In order to skip a line

      Action 3 - VAR(wiifm_text)

      Action 4 - \\r\\r   //In order to skip a line

      Action 5 - VAR(didyouknow_text)

      Etc... With the (Name_text) being the name of the entry box.  So as it goes, it adds each of their entries to the VARactionplan Variable.

      In the end, there is a text block named APfinal, and I have an action that changes the contents of that text block to the content of VARactionplan.

      When viewing the page, this works perfectly, it shows each of their entries from the course itself, skipping a line for each one.

      However, the problem comes if they happen to write too much, causing the text block to get a scroll bar.  The print function just won’t let them print it out.  It only prints out the box, showing the scroll bar and all, but not the text in it. So here was my idea,

      Flash has a much better function for printing.  I was thinking I could put a flash file on a page that has nothing but one large dynamic text block.

      Then I would have the Flash file pull the VARactionplan contents and display it in the dynamic text, and include a print object function in the flash file itself.

      I am have only dabbled in flash before for rollovers and such.  Does anyone have any experience with this that would know if my idea is doable?  If so, what would I need?  The most I've ever pulled in Flash were SCORM commands, but never anything from Lectora itself.

      Thanks in advance.