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    Coding for IE on my completed site


      I've completed my site  brucebever.com   and it's working fine in safari and firefox, not working in IE, and I have no idea about Chrome, Opera, and Netscape.


      Now I need to go back through the site and fix all the IE bugs.  This is my first website attempt, so maybe I should have been coding for IE during the construction of the site, but learning DW was hard enough without having to learn two or three different coding formats too.



      So I guess my question is very general... Could someone take a look at my site and code and tell me my next step?  Is there a resource somewhere that will help me with this seemingly monumental task?




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          pziecina Level 6



          It may be better if you tell us exactly what is broken. Most of your sites homepages are done in Flash and moving between multiple pages in different browsers is not something that many people wish to do




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            Bruce_B Level 1

            Thanks for the quick reply here too!


            The first visible issue is that the Flash file isn't loading.    The default link shows up to take me to download the current version of Flash... which I have already.


            Let's tackle that first and I'll see what happens next.



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              pziecina Level 6



              I have a different problem in IE. I have loaded the page in IE 7 and 8, and the flash loads but the menu does not show. This is possibly being caused by the flash going to 'full screen' mode and resizing the browser to full screen also, as any flash inserted will 'rise to the top' above any html.



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                Bruce_B Level 1

                I believe the flash window is set to 100% and I saw that in a couple different places.  Is there somewhere I can change it for IE without affecting FF and Safari?

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                  pziecina Level 6



                  In FF and Safari the auto expanding of the window is now disabled, but not in IE -

                  The code that is causing this is -

                  // Permalinks option
                       function flashPutHref(href) { location.href = href; }
                       // Expand browser option
                       var eB = true;
                       if (eB) {
                            window.resizeTo (screen.availWidth, screen.availHeight);


                  This is part of the slideshow export options, and as you have the background color problem with the loader, it may be simpler to re-export the slideshow with the background color set to white for the loader and the expand browser option turned off.


                  I could tell you to set the, var eB = false; but I do not know if it is set elsewhere, in an external script, (you could try this, and if it does not work, then re-export)



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                    Bruce_B Level 1

                    In searching out the code to change for IE, I actually resolved my gray-background issue... funny how things are all related.  I left you a note over there, but thanks again.


                    I tried changing that var eB to 'false' in each of my three index files, but it didn't work.  Might it be in the param.xml that is exported with the Flash content?


                    I also see in the css file something called 'allow full screen= true' but there is a full-screen button you can click on in the slideshow, so I thought that particular code may be refering to that feature of the show.


                    I'd like not to re-export all my slideshows if I can avoid it.





                    I found this code in the swffit.js file:


                    swfobject.createCSS("#"+_ft,"position:absolute; width:100%; height:100%");swfobject.createCSS("#"+_ft+" object","position:absolute");swfobject.addDomLoadEvent(startFit)}function startFit(){html.style.height=doc.body.style.height='100%';html.style.overflow='auto';doc. body.style.margin=doc.body.style.padding='0';


                    Does any of this affect IE?