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    multiple connections

    qazsecs123 Level 1

      i'm trying to create a chat/video app that simulates a chat room, i've looked at this http://forums.adobe.com/message/2038522 but i don't really understand this code:

      var nsIn:NetStream = new NetStream(_nc, nsCaller.farID);

      var oClient:Object = new Object();

      oClient.onChatReceived = onChatReceivedHandler;

      oClient.onAddInStream = onAddInStreamHandler;

      oClient.onGetInStreams = onGetInStreamsHandler;

      nsIn.client = oClient;

      nsIn.play("out_" + nsCaller.farID);


      can someone explain how he use onChatReceived, onAddInStream...etc. looking at the documents, those do not exist in netstream. also, is this the best way to implement? if anyone has a better solution, please give me some hints, i am new to stratus