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    Unable to associate PDF files to Acrobat Standard 7 after latest reader 9 patch


      I am unable to

      make PDF files open as Acrobat standard 7 as my default PDF viewer. I have tried to right click open with, more, browse to acrobat standard 7 folder, coose acrobat program, then open. The acorbat standard 7 program never gets listed in the other programs list. I have also deleted the pdf file type extension and browsed over to Acrobat standard 7 folder and chose program and it still opens in Reader 9.  The one bright sopt in all this is I still have the right click open with Acrobat Standard 7 listed.


      My users want to just open PDF attachments from outlook without having to save the PDF's first to thier hard drive, open with acrobat standard 7, then save them again, then reattach to to email and foward on with approval stamp. This is on at least 2 machines, an Xp and Vista machine.