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    Help Creating Starburst With Randomized Rays


      Check out this background image below (or view larger size at this link:http://i3.campaignmonitor.com/themes/site_themes/default/img/bg_site-home.jpg) . I would like to know how they created the "randomized" effect of the rays behind the gray box.   I already know how to make your standard starburst using Abealls auto shape extension, but that creates uniform rays.  The rays of light in the below example are seemingly random.  I know this can be easily done in Photoshop using filters, but can it not be easily done in Fireworks?


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          Michel Bozgounov Level 2

          Here's my try ( btw, welcome to the forums! ) and even if it is not random, it is close to the desired effect.




          Save the file to your computer and de-construct. I have added a Noise filter effect, a bit of Gaussian blur and there is a half-transparent rectangle on top of the rays, with gradient (rays use gradient, too).


          Now, I suppose you could combine two Sunrays autoshapes, slightly shift one of them, make both half-transparent, and apply a bit different effects to both. You could also create a complex vector mask on top of the sunrays, with a complex gradient with varaible areas of half-transparency, and this could help create this "random effect" that you are going after...




          I hope that some wiser than me Fireworks guru will be able to help you more...


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            Michel Bozgounov Level 2

            Btw, all three variants posted here by me can be opened and edited further in Fireworks -- these are editable PNGs. Have fun!