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    Catalyst crashing and always losing my work.


      I am loving this program, have been waiting for this for a long time. But maybe I need to wait until it is out of beta?


      I work on it and save it about a dozen times just fine. But the program gets slower and slower until it stops responding and crashes. I recover what I have done and the first time it had everything I had done, but was called "null" and wouldn't successfully save. Then it crashed and went back to a save point from a long time ago.


      So I worked on it again trying to get back to where I was, all the while saving. Again it crashed and this time recovery only brought me back to that old saved point again.


      Is there any safe way around this? Or is that the nature of the beast?



      Oh btw, I have 3 states, and on average 4 sub states each. Is that too much for it to handle?