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    Aspect problem - please help

    Deaf Mike Level 1



      I thought I did everything right here.  First, I went into photoshop and created 2 still images at 448 x 336 (72 dpi).


      Then i went into after effects CS4.  I imported them and put them on timeline.  I also went into comp settings and made the size of the comp the same - 448 x 336.


      Here is what AF looks like>  Those blue bars I thought were just the transform boundaries (that's what I thought):



      Next, I added file to render queue.  I selected FLV and made sure the dimensions were the same - 448 x 336.  Then I exported, added the file to FLA, and the result is I have 2 black bars on the sides.  Here is the result:




        I thought I did everything right but apparently not.  Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?